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Happy People,  Happy Pets.

My sessions were AMAZING.  I am so happy to know my pets that have passed are doing fantastic and that they are all with me always.  Knowing that my current animals are healthy and love the family we have created just makes my heart full of love and joy.  I am so glad i had my sessions!!!!!!  Anyone that have or have had pets should have a session with Alison.  She is wonderful and such an animal lover....she makes you feel comfortable and is understanding with the emotions that these sessions bring up.  just DO IT!!!!

Traci Roberts - Arizona

I’ve enjoyed all the sessions I’ve had with Allison. I wasn’t sure what to expect with my first session. I loved it and I’ve had several sessions with my horses that have passed and that are still living. I enjoyed being able to connect with my mini foal. He made me feel better knowing that he wasn’t meant to be here very long, he was 7 1/2 months, because I kept wondering if there was more I could of done for him. He makes me laugh and cry during our sessions.

Pam - Illinois

I have had three communication sessions with Alison about three different dogs, each time I have been absolutely blown away with what she shares with me.


On this occasion I contacted her about Barney who we’ve had for nearly 3 months. He is about 8 months old black lab and was displaying a lot of fear and nervousness.


When we went to see Barney (who was advertised for sale in our local newspaper,  I asked if we could walk him and he seemed petrified of the lead.  He shot through doorways with is tail between his legs, did not want to go out for a walk and if we got him in the car he would not get out.  He also ran away from other dogs.  It caused us a great deal of concern and worry as we just wanted him to be happy. We were convinced he had been mistreated.

Alison shared with me or rather Barney shared with Alison, that he had not been abused but had lived in a very busy stressful household, felt dragged out on a lead in a rush (which had made him feel afraid) and that walking had not been a pleasure but rather a necessity.  Just knowing that helped put our mind at rest.  He also shared how we could help him.


The little boy had cleft palate and elbow dysplasia.  His cleft has been successfully operated on, we were worried whether he was in any pain from his elbows and he shared with us how to help him if he was.


Barney has improved enormously and is a lovely boy with a warm heart. He seems very happy, now enjoys his walks and just loves being with us.


If your dog has any issues or displays behaviors you don’t understand,  a communication session is probably the only way you are going to find out what is really going on.


It is certainly worth the money and peace of mind.


Thank you Alison, you really are amazing and your love for animals shines through!

Deborah S, United Kingdom

I own and operate an animal  rescue named Smokey Chestnut Farm just outside of Boston, Massachusetts, and I had some questions concerning an older horse named Sea Smart who came to me about 18 months ago.  I asked Alison to help us.  I don't even know how to start showering accolades on Alison because there are so many!  Firstly, she is very professional.  Every time we conversed, the call was punctual and efficient.  She conveyed the important information that I needed to know but did not go on and on.  When I set up the appointment, I told Alison nothing about the horse's personality or characteristics.  She simply asked me for a photograph which I supplied.  

The feedback Alison supplied was spot on.  She described Sea Smart to a T!  Alison was open to me asking a few questions that I needed answers to (from Sea Smart) prior to the communication.  What touched my heart the most was the honor and love that she bestowed on Sea Smart at the start and conclusion of their time together!  

I personally don't think all that many people stop their busy days routinely and ask the animals if they would care to express their opinion.  Alison does this so gracefully and thoughtfully, and I am sure every animal that shares this experience with Alison is not only extremely grateful but all the better for it!  What a blessing

Heidi - Massachusetts

Alison Martin was an amazing resource to connect me to my dog Chewie who passed away. She was comforting, compassionate, and brought me closure after losing Chewie. I highly recommend Alison to anyone looking to connect with their beloved pet.

Jennifer - California

I had an extremely informative and inspiring communication experience with Alison. I received needed specific and verifiable insights related to on-going health issues of concern with my cat, Walker. She also provided me with information to assist him with negative experiences in his past. She was able to lay the foundation for a strategy to help me help Walker free himself from those experiences and become more confident and achieve his full potential.

I would absolutely recommend Alison for an animal communication session. Her warmth and enthusiasm were palpable and genuine, as was her interest in Walker’s physical, emotional, and spiritual welfare. The session almost felt like chatting with a long-time friend. All of the information with which Alison connected was phenomenally accurate. I had no doubt she established a connection with Walker.

David - New York

You know my special boy very well! I had used several animal communicators in the past, but I never felt 100% comfortable with their answers. After my first call with you, I was so happy and felt that there was so many things that were covered during that hour! I saw how animal communication could really help in so many areas from sickness to stress, from love to crossing over. 

Jessica, Massachusetts

Connecting with Alison about my cat Nila was a truly moving and eye opening experience. I asked Alison some questions regarding our cat Nila and she was able to intuit and see Nila's answers sometimes transmitted telepathically by pictures from Nila to Alison! I was a bit skeptical at first although it took me less than 5 minutes to feel the effect on Nila. Nila has been living with me following our divorce.I had a concern that she is sad when her "kid family" come and go every second week.

Alison found that Nila is ok with it as it is routine and though she enjoys the high energy when they are home she is ok when they are away. I asked some questions about Nila's childhood abandonment and her experience of a bad fall, and a daily issue I have with her eating. In every case Alison was very astute in determining Nila's thoughts and feelings about my questions.

The results have been a much calmer cat. And we have a deeper understanding. She is a funny quirky character and I appreciate her whimsies. Nila felt heard! She has been way more easier and essentially still the same cat but we get along better and understand one another. Thank you Alison for all that you have given Nila and I in one session!

Jacqui H. - Paris, France

Achilles and I have a better more bonded relationship now. It's weird and I can't explain it but no more claws on me and very seldom since our session, on the furniture or rugs!

Anita - Nebraska

I was blessed to have a session last week with Alison Smith Martin of Animal Soul Connection that connected me with my beloved cats, Ash and Dobby. I truly feel that it has made a difference in my relationship with Ash, especially, and things will continue to improve. He is finally sleeping with me in bed again and is becoming more calm. I have to admit I was skeptical about the ability to do this, but she is for real. Thank you so much for your kind words and support! 

Alicia - Iowa

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"I’ve enjoyed all the sessions I’ve had with Allison. I wasn’t sure what to expect with my first session. I loved it and I’ve had several sessions with my horses that have passed and that are still living." ~Pam - Illinois

Sessions are done via phone or Zoom. I’m looking forward to our sacred time together!
Blessings ~Alison

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