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Return their unconditional love with gentle energy healing to restore harmony and balance

Take a  mind, body, spirit approach to your pets wellbeing by adding Soul Connection Energy Therapy to their life.
By working on their energetic body, emotional, behavioral or physical issues can be eased or eliminated

If you’d like to support your animal companion naturally, these techniques  can be helpful for:

  • Preventative care and well-being

  • Illness and injury

  • Recovery from surgery

  • Pain management

  • Physical health issues

  • Separation anxiety

  • Trauma

  • Anxiety and stress reduction

  • Grief

  • Behavioral issues

  • Competition and training focus

  • Support during end-of- life transition


With my extensive experience working with animals and their people for over 25 years, I bring the added benefits of Crystal Therapy and Animal Communication to a Healing Touch session. Crystal Therapy is a form of energy healing using the vibrational energy of a specific crystal to return your pet to a natural state of balance. It’s incredibly effective and helps animals to heal themselves. As an Animal Communicator, I utilize my intuition and ability to understand what your animal companion is needing and wanting, furthering the specific healing needs and getting to the root causes of particular issues.


The Healing Touch techniques produce a powerful physiological response for energy healing. The immune system’s health is critical to every living being and these techniques provide a solid energetic foundation so the body can self regulate for a healthy and effective immune system

I am available for both in-person treatment sessions (in Tucson, AZ) and distance healing sessions and would be honored in assisting your beloved animal companion to achieve the energetic healing they need for body, mind and spirit.

Please complete this form and I'll contact you to schedule a Healing Touch Session for your animal companion. Sessions are offered at a distance wherever you live, or in person sessions are available in Tucson, AZ.
Healin Touch Form
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