Hi! I’m Alison Martin and I encourage you to explore and

learn how animal communication reiki and holistic care can make

a positive difference in your pet’s life, and yours too, as you

know you’re helping them be happy and healthy.

Are you ready to understand your pet’s needs in a new way

you didn’t think was possible?


Would you like to ease your mind from the worry you may have

about their emotional and physical health? Does having the ability to

deepen your relationship with your animal companion sound like something you’d love to do?


How about discovering a gentle way of energetic healing to support your pet and improve their life?


Yes? Then you belong here!

By bringing animal communication, energy healing and natural health care into your pet’s life, you’ll be helping to create a holistic lifestyle for them. Instead of guessing and wondering what your pet needs and want, and how to help them, you can know by hearing directly from your pet!


Animal communication lets your pets voice be heard and understood. You get answers and solutions from your pet, rather than simply guessing. If you have an animal friend in Spirit, you can talk with them too.

Reiki provides gentle energetic healing, emotionally and physically, for your animal friend so you can help them feel better. You gain peace of mind and your pets benefit by receiving the healing energy, just where and how they need it most.


When you know how to take charge of your pet’s health with holistic healing, you feel empowered, knowing you’re doing the very best you can for your beloved animal companion.


I've been drawn to animals my entire life. I knew from an early age that animals had captured my heart. A favorite activity was reading to my circle of stuffed animals, and I discovered my love of horses when I was four years old.


I've made a positive impact in the lives of animals and their people through my 25+ years of professional work. From contributing to a large humane society and veterinary clinics to owning my pet sitting business and teaching animal communication and holistic care classes, I've helped one animal at a time with love and compassion. My heart expands with each new animal friend I meet because of my deep connection from my soul to theirs.