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"Animals are not just living things. They are beings with lives. Unique individuals with personality traits and a library of knowledge built on experience. What you are witnessing is not just biology, but a biography" ~Charles Littleleaf

The quote above encompasses my deep love and respect for animals. Animals of all species teach us more than we may realize, and the animals we share our lives with support us each and every day in countless ways.

I invite you to come with me on this journey of exploring your relationship with your beloved animal family and deepen your connection with all animals and nature!

Animal Soul Connection
Alison Martin

The words, ‘Animal Soul Connection’ are more than just a business name to me. My hope is that everyone I have the opportunity to work with discovers their own Animal Soul Connection as your relationship deepens with your animal family. You feel the ongoing connection with your animals in Spirit. You gain a new awareness of nature around you.

I bring Animal Communication, Pet Loss Grief Support and Energy Therapy together to create a mind, body, spirit approach to caring for your animal companions, and yourself.


I've been drawn to animals my entire life. I knew from an early age that animals had captured my heart. A favorite activity was reading to my circle of stuffed animals, and I discovered my love of horses when I was four years old.

I've made a positive impact in the lives of animals and their people through my 25+ years of professional work. From contributing to a large humane society and veterinary clinics to owning my pet sitting business, and as the Founder of Animal Soul Connection, I've helped one animal at a time with love and compassion.


My heart expands with each new animal friend I meet because of my deep connection from my soul to theirs.


Welcome home…to our Animal Soul Connection Family! ~Alison

Alison lives in Southern Arizona with her family of dogs, horses, goats and a husband.  

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As a regular contributor to the The Tucson Dog magazine, Alison also has appeared as a guest on animal summits and podcasts such as Animal Wisdom Summit, Heart Wisdom Symposium, Awaken With Animals Podcast,

Connecting To Your Intuition Summit and several more. 

If you're hosting a podcast, summit, or conference and are in need of knowledgeable, insightful and engaging content related to Animal Communication, Holistic Health, or Pet Grief,
I would welcome sharing my 25+ years of expertise with your audience and would be happy to help out.

If interested, p
lease reach out to me by completing the form and I will get back to you soon! 

Animals are my world, my passion, and I would be delighted to bring this energy to your world!   ~Alison
Animal Soul Connection
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