Pet Loss and Grief Support

For many animal lovers, losing a beloved pet is like losing a member of the family. We may feel like our world has just turned upside down and we have nowhere to turn. Because I have felt that deep grief and sense of loss many times, I’ve been guided to assist other grieving pet guardians and animals who are grieving. I was blessed to be led to Teresa Wagner with Animal in Our Hearts and her Pet Loss & Grief Counseling program. I knew instantly this program was a fit for my passion to help animals and their people.


Often, people who are grieving the loss of a pet may feel disenfranchised by their grief because of the lack of understanding and support from family and friends. You may feel alone and lost with no one to talk to.  By using a client centered empathic approach to pet loss and grief counseling, I will lovingly and respectfully guide you through your journey of exploring your feelings of grief and loss. I am currently a student, not yet a certified Pet Loss & Grief Counselor. I anticipate being able to provide my caring services by the fall.



If you are needing grief support now, please reach out to Teresa Wagner with Animals in Our Hearts to benefit from her compassionate services.


Program graduates commit to provide their services within ethical standards of practice for helping professionals and with integrity, humility, compassion and love.

Certification requirements include the completion of 15 classes (108 hours of class time), 15 written integration papers, 18 hours of private mentoring, and 8 case studies and 6 recorded counseling sessions for review. The disciplines covered in the program include understanding the dynamics of grief and healing from grief, complicated grief, the disenfranchisement of animal loss, trauma, hospice and euthanasia, post trauma stress, compassion fatigue, counseling psychology and counseling skills, the role of spirituality in grief counseling, helping animals who grieve, ethics and energetic boundaries.