Pet Loss Healing Hearts Program

As an Animal Communicator I help people who are grieving or feeling guilt over the loss of their beloved pet.


Is this you?


Do you feel guilty or regretful about the loss of your pet?

Are you simply finding it so difficult knowing your pet is no longer around when you long to see them/feel them close to you?

Do you have a burning desire to say something to them or is there something you really want to know?

Do you have a deep longing to know that your pet is at peace?

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If this is you and you feel people don’t understand and are just telling you to move on then:

  • What would it really mean to you to connect with your pet in spirit?

  • How would you feel if you could discover the messages they want to share with you or for you to ask your pet anything at all?

  • When you remember your pet, would you rather feel love where you are now feeling pain?

Connecting with pets in spirit is something I specialize in.  I help you to connect with your pet so that you can both share any unspoken messages and resolve any guilt.

Your pet wants you to feel their love. They want you to heal. They do not want you to be in pain and will definitely have messages to share with you. This is also your opportunity to share your message with your pet.


I know you truly can’t place a value on being able to connect and talk with your beloved pet who is no longer with you. However, I would like to offer you the opportunity to connect with your pet in spirit and also help you heal the pain in your heart through my Pet Loss Healing Hearts Program.


This is a very special offer for Animal Communication & Healer Summit participants for only $397 if you sign up today. This program is normally offered for $497.


I have limited time available and I am only able to offer 5 places but if you are really grieving the loss of your pet and would like to talk to them in spirit, as well as be part of my healing heart work, then please read the program information below.


If you are inspired to work together, then please click on the ‘Get Started’ button to receive your $100 program savings.


If you felt called to connect with me because you have a longing to communicate with your pet or you are really struggling with grief, please know I truly understand and care


I am here to guide you, with the help of your pet, through your healing process and discover a whole new beautiful way of being with your animal friend, be sure to check out the details below.


I’ve been where you are and I’m dedicated to helping pet lovers like you discover how to go from pain to feeling peace in your heart again.

The Pet Loss Healing Hearts Program is a comprehensive grief guidance system and gives you...


Intuitive Soul Connection Journey - You’ll be guided through deep grounding to Earth Energy as you  discover your own inner light, begin to heal your heart and find your way back to your animal friend. You’ll gain peace and clarity through tapping into your own intuition and learning to trust yourself. This is a powerful exercise to begin the journey of healing your heart.

1 -90 minute session


Animal Communication Session - You’ll get to talk with your pet in spirit in a three-way conversation as I serve as a bridge of communication. You can ask questions and understand how your pet continues to be with you and is supporting you now. This will bring you a sense of peace and comfort and help you understand that you will always be connected.

1 - 60 minute session


Personal Healing Heart Session - Grief is as individual as each one of us. You’ll be guided through specific exercises to help heal your heart, be heard and understood as you work through aspects of your grief and have the tools you need to move forward with peace of mind.

1 - 60 minute session


Holistic Care Support Session -  When you’re experiencing a deep level of grief, you need support for your physical and emotional symptoms. You’ll learn which natural remedies can help alleviate or ease these issues and allow you to start feeling better and more in control of your life. You’ll understand how flower essences, homeopathy, essential oils and crystals can bring the gentle healing you need now and exactly how to use these gifts from nature.

1 - 60 minute session



Guided Meditation to help you connect with your pet

2 - 15 minute “I Need to Talk Now’ grief support calls

Email support during the program


The first step is to communicate with your pet which can have dramatic healing powers. Sometimes, when we lose a pet that is so very dear to us, it can be hard to even remember the happy memories. Let’s form a healing team... you, your pet, and me to get you on the path of healing your heart and feeling the love you share with your animal friend.


Pet Loss Healing Hearts Program Investment:

$397.00  - Full Payment

Payment plan option: Two Payments of $210.00 each.

One due at booking and second payment will be arranged individually.


I am sending love from my heart to yours.

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