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  • Alison Martin

5 Powerful Benefits of Animal Communication

If you and your animal companion have not yet experienced an animal communication session together, here are just a few positive benefits you can both receive. If you and your animal friend have enjoyed this remarkable opportunity to have a conversation, you already have an idea of the many powerful and often profound benefits that await you and your animal! I honor each connection with the animal and person as a sacred time together. I connect from my heart to your animal’s heart by creating a safe, peaceful place for them to share their thoughts, feelings, needs and how they are supporting you too.

Deepen the bond between you and your animal companion~

Can you imagine living with another person and never having a conversation? In a way, this is what it is like for your companion. Animals have so much to say, so much wisdom to impart, and boundless unconditional love to give...don’t you think they deserve to have a voice? An animal communication session is one of the most loving gifts you can give your companion. I think of it as a three way conversation between your animal, you, and me as the bridge of communication. Each animal I have connected with, whether living or in spirit, has been so grateful for the opportunity to share their thoughts and feelings with their beloved person.

Understand your companion’s needs and feelings~

Learning what is important to your companion helps you increase her happiness and well being. One of the questions I hear most often is ‘Can you tell me if my animal is happy?’ An animal communication session allows your friend to feel heard and understood by bringing her voice alive, improving your relationship as your friend gives thanks and gratitude for your understanding.

Discover possible explanations for behavior issues~

Viewing things from your animal’s perspective may help shed a new light on a variety of situations. My job is not to ‘fix’ issues, but to help your companion’s voice to be heard. There may be a simple misunderstanding that once brought to light will be cleared up. Or when you are able to see an issue from your animal friend’s point of view, the problem is resolved. By helping you understand his behavior, an empathetic resolution is often found.

Increase household harmony~

By having an open conversation about relationships within your household, animals and people will be able to live in closer harmony. If there are multiple animals in your family, issues between them can be explored, giving each one the opportunity to express their feelings and work together to resolve any issues. Each animal I have connected with, whether living or in spirit, has been so grateful for the opportunity to share their thoughts and feelings with their beloved


Discussion of dying, grief and animals in Spirit~

I think we all agree, our dear animal family members are never with us long enough. There is no ‘long enough’ actually. A loving and supportive animal communication session can help in times of anticipatory grief, during the dying process and after an animal has passed and is in Spirit. This is a time to honor the beautiful relationship you and your animal friend share. When an animal family member dies, the other animals in the household may be grieving as well. Connecting with an animal in Spirit can help ease the painful transition, no matter how long it has been since the animal died. The strong, loving bond between you is still there and an animal communication session can help strengthen the cord that binds you together.


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