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  • Alison Martin

Do you want to be more like your pet?

Then let’s meditate! The key of meditation is being totally in the moment, and that is where animals are, all the time. They are natural meditation teachers!

Just a few benefits of meditation:

  • It improves concentration.

  • It encourages a healthy lifestyle.

  • The practice increases self-awareness.

  • It increases happiness.

  • Meditation increases acceptance.

  • It slows aging.

  • The practice benefits cardiovascular and immune health.

When we slow our minds and tune into our breathing and relax, our pets are reaping the benefits as well. By finding a quiet time to really connect with your animal friend, you are strengthening and deepening your bond. Animals like routine, so by starting a new habit of daily meditation with them you can increase their feeling of safety and comfort.

No worries, this does not have to be a lengthy process! Even five minutes a day can get you on the road to feeling more peaceful. Once you start, my bet is you’ll want to develop this healthy practice into longer sessions. It’s easy, fun and there are really no rules. You can’t mess this up! Just simply being, not doing anything, with your pet and connecting with them on a soul level helps them thrive.

Let’s get started!

Sit near your pet, get comfortable with your spine straight, hands open in your lap and close your eyes. You may place a hand on your pet if she is comfortable with you doing so. If she moves away, that’s ok. You can join together without touching.

Take a deep breath in through your nose. Feel your stomach expand and the cleansing breath go deep into your body. Think of the gratitude you have for your pet on the inhale.

Exhale through your nose, or mouth, and think of the unconditional love you and your pet share.

Repeat this deep breathing three more times then resume your normal breathing pattern, staying aware of your breath and how it fills your body.

Next, picture one of your favorite things about your pet. Focus on that and quiet your mind. It’s ok if your mind races. Simply recognize the thoughts and let them go - returning again to your favorite thought. Try to stay with this for a few minutes, breathing in and out, relaxing and feeling your pet relax with you.

When you are ready to end your meditation, send deep love and gratitude to your pet. Take three deep breaths in and out - breathing in gratitude, breathing out unconditional love into the world.

Slowly open your eyes and return to the room. How are you feeling? It may be nice to start a meditation journal to record these beautiful times with your beloved pet.


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