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  • Alison Martin

How Animal Communication Changed My Life ~ Lessons From A Leaf

How connected do you feel to the Earth, Nature and all Beings? I've always felt a deep connection with animals certainly, and had an appreciation of the beauty and wonder of nature. My wonderful Dad would delight me and my Mom by calling us to look at the sunset, or simply acknowledge the beauty of our surroundings.

I found this beautiful gift of a River Birch leaf today when I was outside with one of our dogs, Riley. I felt guided to look down and there it was, waiting to tell a story. I encourage you to stop and look at the intricacies of this leaf. How fragile it is, yet it weathered a huge downpour of rain this morning. How fragile are you, yet you endure? Can you imagine how much we can learn from Nature's gifts when we simply stop and get in touch with our soul?

A surprising gift on my animal communication journey was how rapidly I started to feel completely connected to Mother Earth, all of the creatures here and to the Universe. This sense that All Is Well as I'm being supported by a vast network of energy has been life changing. Now, I don't always feel blissed out and tranquil, but when life throws me some huge curve balls as it has lately, I do know in my heart and soul...there is a place I can turn to for guidance, grounding and finding trust. This place is not a physical spot, although sometimes it is. It is mostly in my heart and soul. Where I can tap into the wonders of Earth, Nature and the angel guides, spirit guides, beloved family members and animals in Spirit and my Higher Power.

I had been searching for this Peace for over 25 years and I finally found it...through learning to intuitively and telepathically communicate with animals. Their gifts to me are all of us, if we only open our mind, heart and soul. 


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