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  • Alison Martin

When Grief Grabs Hold Of Your Heart

Casey, Charlie and Jack
Precious Souls

These 3 precious souls you see pictured all left our family to be in Spirit within a 6 week time span recently. I have felt lost, bewildered, angry, sad, stuck in grief...with a deep longing in my heart to just hold each of them one more time.

If you have lost a beloved animal family member, I know you understand.

I truly do value each one of you who opens and reads these emails or watches the videos I share. I've been hesitant to talk a lot about myself and my animal family because I want to be of service ~to you and your animals~. But, as my heart has been breaking into a million little pieces these past weeks, I thought...we are all on this journey together. Of loving our animal companions so much it physically hurts but yet, we can't imagine life without them...even with the pain their death brings. 

So I'd like to share a brief story about Casey, Charlie and Jack with you to bring you into our amazing family here... because that's how I feel about all of you and your animals.

We are family!

Casey, still bright eyes at 20

Casey kitty lived to be 20 years old...pretty incredible! She had a soft, squeaky meow but could really 'let it rip' when she wanted food. Casey loved to help fold laundry on the bed, walking all over the clean clothes (we don't care!) and pawing at my head to get my attention. Casey loved to lick my hair and would often leave it quite wet after a grooming session. We adopted Casey when she was a kitten and were so blessed to have her dear kitty energy in our lives for two decades. 

Charlie - Always the Puppy!

Charlie came to us through the local humane society when he was a puppy and living in foster care. His mom had been killed by a coyote and the puppies were bottle fed. When he was still a puppy, Charlie would sit in my lap and suck on the inside of my elbow, drooling so much I had to keep a towel under my arm. My heart melts each time I think of him bonding to his new 'mom'. Charlie loved his 'butt butt' more than anything. He swung it around when he was happy or wanted a treat. He loved to have his 'butt butt' scratched! Charlie was our eternal puppy with the sweetest soul.

Jack the "Walk On"

Jack was a 'walk on'. He checked us out for many months, walking through our property as we would say - 'oh, there is that border collie again'. I will share much more about Jack in the months to come as he is a one-of-a-kind soul destined to change as many lives in Spirit as he did when his body was here on Earth. Jack had more friends in the neighborhood than we do and would often show up at the door of someone who was grieving a loss or simply needing a special friend that day. I thanked him every single day for choosing us as his family. The grace he brought, and continues to bring, to our lives is beyond description.

I'll be sharing occasional stories (and pictures!) of our animal family of 5 dogs (Riley, Josie, Ellie, Ruthie and Jasper), 2 horses (Snap and Audrey) and 2 goats (Cecil and Peter) so you can get to know us all better. Many of you have even talked with some of my animals if you've taken my Animal Communication classes. I do have some new programs and offerings coming for you soon that I am super excited about!! So thanks for hanging in there with me as I have been a bit quiet with staying in touch lately.

Sending each of you and your precious pets much love and appreciation for being part of my Animal Soul Connection family!


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