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Love Stories

"You know my special boy very well! I had used several animal communicators in the past, but I never felt 100% comfortable with their answers. After my first call with you, I was so happy and felt that there was so many things that were covered during that hour! I saw how animal communication could really help in so many areas from sickness to stress, from love to crossing over." 

Jessica R, Massachusetts

Connecting with Alison about my cat Nila was a truly moving and eye opening experience. I asked Alison some questions regarding our cat Nila and she was able to intuit and see Nila's answers sometimes transmitted telepathically by pictures from Nila to Alison! I was a bit skeptical at first although it took me less than 5 minutes to feel the effect on Nila. Nila has been living with me following our divorce.I had a concern that she is sad when her "kid family" come and go every second week.

Alison found that Nila is ok with it as it is routine and though she enjoys the high energy when they are home she is ok when they are away. I asked some questions about Nila's childhood abandonment and her experience of a bad fall, and a daily issue I have with her eating. In every case Alison was very astute in determining Nila's thoughts and feelings about my questions.

The results have been a much calmer cat. And we have a deeper understanding. She is a funny quirky character and I appreciate her whimsies. Nila felt heard! She has been way more easier and essentially still the same cat but we get along better and understand one another. Thank you Alison for all that you have given Nila and I in one session!

Jacqui Harwood - Paris, France

"Alison Martin is an excellent animal communicator. She is very loving and trustworthy! She can shift the communication blocks in our illusion of seperateness between human and animal. I have many tools now to help Mommy's little Angel, Goddess Fionna.I will call her in the future and in dealing with past pet loss and learn more and future Fionna needs."

Diana B

"I am completely blown away by my animal communication session with Alison and my new horse, Clemente. I had lots of specific questions for her, but no expectation or attachment as to what she might pick up on. I'm amazed. Alison's ability to be a clear channel of communication for him to express himself to me ~ in full ~ was a complete affirmation of what I had inklings of, but was mostly blind to. It was like looking at something in the dark, knowing something's there and thinking you MIGHT know what it is, and then someone turned on the light! She even nailed the energy dynamic between him and another of my herd members ~ to a T. Wow. So helpful! Thank you, Alison. You are a gift to animals and their human partners alike! I am so grateful, and I know Clemente is too."

Chantal Fidanza, Santa Fe, NM

"I just want to say a massive thank you for the communication session with my dog who passed over one year ago. Missing him was painful and I was apprehensive about the communication session In short it was amazing. From the very start everything Alison shared with me was spot on. There were things only I would know that Alison couldn't possibly and those things were communicated to me It was a tearful experience but to know that my beloved dog is still with me everywhere in spirit was a beautiful thing to hear. My pain has been replaced with warmth. If you are skeptical I would honestly recommend that you try it and see for yourself. I fully recommend Alison whether your dog is living or has passed. Alison is a loving person with a heart of gold and a huge passion for animals. She also has a wealth of information about animal health. I would trust her knowledge 100%"

Deborah S. - United Kingdom

"I recently had my first animal communication session with Alison. If you are not familiar with animal communication (or even have doubts how this is going to work), just have a chat with her and see for yourself! Even more so if you do have pets and want to understand them on an entirely new level, deepen your relationship and find ways to care for them even better. I certainly got eye-opening insights to my cat Lily's world. She is a nervous and jumpy kitty and I wanted to find out the reasons for this (I suspected an old injury). With Alison’s help I was able to pinpoint some of Lily’s challenges, and got very practicable tips on how to make her happier and help her release her abundant energy . Alison definitely has the gift of being able to "talk" to animals - she receives images from them and then helps their people to "translate" them. Not that I required proof, but it was absolutely astounding how Alison genuinely picked up on my cat's own energy, relaying things I certainly hadn't mentioned before and she couldn't have guessed, but absolutely hit home. We then looked into ways how to apply those findings, and Alison always checked back with Lily to confirm we "got her right" and see if she was happy with what we came up with. Such a delight! Alison is very mindful, gentle, authentic, sharing generously and never patronizing, so her presence is soothing for humans as well! Now a few days after the session I can report that Lily is much calmer and more cuddly. Even my husband (who didn’t know what the session was about) noticed the change. Alison will always be the person I’ll turn to when having difficulties with Lily or any other animal. Thanks and hugs!"

 Kathy Eliwa, Bristol, UK

  "I own and operate an animal  rescue named Smokey Chestnut Farm just outside of Boston, Massachusetts, and I had some questions concerning an older horse named Sea Smart who came to me about 18 months ago.  I asked Alison to help us.  I don't even know how to start showering accolades on Alison because there are so many!  Firstly, she is very professional.  Every time we conversed, the call was punctual and efficient.  She conveyed the important information that I needed to know but did not go on and on.  When I set up the appointment, I told Alison nothing about the horse's personality or characteristics.  She simply asked me for a photograph which I supplied.  

The feedback Alison supplied was spot on.  She described Sea Smart to a T!  Alison was open to me asking a few questions that I needed answers to (from Sea Smart) prior to the communication.  What touched my heart the most was the honor and love that she bestowed on Sea Smart at the start and conclusion of their time together!  

I personally don't think all that many people stop their busy days routinely and ask the animals if they would care to express their opinion.  Alison does this so gracefully and thoughtfully, and I am sure every animal that shares this experience with Alison is not only extremely grateful but all the better for it!  What a blessing . . ."

Heidi M. Boston, Massachusetts

I was blessed to have a session last week with Alison Smith Martin of Animal Soul Connection that connected me with my beloved cats, Ash and Dobby. I truly feel that it has made a difference in my relationship with Ash, especially, and things will continue to improve. He is finally sleeping with me in bed again and is becoming more calm. I have to admit I was skeptical about the ability to do this, but she is for real. Thank you so much for your kind words and support! 

Alicia, Sioux City, Iowa

Lou has come out of the closet. You were right, I needed to stop trying so hard. He lets me scratch his head and body and he even spins with excitement when we’re going to go for a walk. His personality has done a complete 180. He no longer growls and hides, but asks for my affection and wants to be near me. Thank you so much for your guidance and sharing your amazing gift with me. I highly suggest Alison‘s communication services. She helped me understand that our energy was out of balance and what I could do to rectify this situation

Melinda, California

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