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Unleash Your Natural Intuition

Understand your animal's needs from their perspective & fell confident in your communication!

You're being led to learn Animal Communication for a reason...


Maybe you’ve been thinking about taking this step into a new world of deeper connection with animals for a while, or it’s suddenly something you’re feeling called to explore?

  • Find peace of mind and end the cycle of worrying how to help your pets with emotional, behavioral or physical issues

  • Feel a deeper Soul Connection with your pets and all animals and have a new awareness of their importance in your life

  • Gain confidence and trust in your natural intuitive abilities 

  • Discover the possibilities and benefits of having a two-way conversation with your pets as you now speak the same language

Imagine if you could.....

Have you told yourself that learning to communicate with animals is only for people with a special gift? 

I’m here to let you know we all have those concerns when first

starting on this journey…and, they are not true!



Have you told yourself that you could never learn to quiet your busy mind and learn Animal Communication?

Everyone has natural intuitive abilities, you simply need the desire in your heart. You may even surprise yourself!

What Is Animal Soul Connection Circle?

We bring together pet parents like you who are curious about animal communication explore the intuitive side of living with animals so you can discover new ways to connect with your pets and enhance your relationship with them.

Our focus on animal communication allows us to foster a deeper understanding of our pets' wants and needs, so we can resolve behavioral, emotional and physical issues without having to guess what our animals truly need and want.


We are a collection of  empathetic souls who recognize the importance of connecting with our pets on a spiritual level, and we welcome others who share our passion. 


Whether you are just discovering the world of animal communication or are well-versed in it, we invite you to join us in our exploration of the magic and wonder of our animal companions.

When You Join Our Community...


You’ll get access to our:

  • Animal Communication Workshops: Participate in interactive workshops and learn how to perceive and understand your pet's thoughts and emotions. Improve the connection you have with your animal family and respond to their needs more effectively.

  • Animal Communication Practice Circles: Strengthen your trust in your communication by practicing with fellow members pets and watch your abilities soar.

  • Intuitive Pet Bonding Circles: Engage in guided pet bonding circles, allowing you and your pet to connect at a deeper emotional and spiritual level. Strengthen your bond and celebrate the joy and love your pet brings to your life.

  • Bonus Topics to enhance the playful and spiritual side of living with your animal family: Spirit Animals, Energy Therapies, Connecting with Wild Animals & Nature and many more enlightening opportunities to broaden your intuition.  


Hi! I'm Alison, the founder of Animal Soul Connection, where I offer Animal Communication, Energy Healing, and Pet Loss Support. I love to teach and share what I'm passionate about so I created our community just for you, the pet parent who wants the very best life for their beloved animal family.

I'm graced to share my life with our 5 dogs, 2 horses and 2 goats near Tucson, Arizona. I was born an animal lover no doubt! I've been working with pets and their people for over 25 years and I've found a commonality...we simply want our pets to live as long as possible and be happy and healthy.


I believe animals are sentient beings with lives and personalities all their own. I feel deeply connected to them spiritually and live in awe of their wisdom and compassion. I invite you to come along on this journey with me and discover a relationship with your pets you couldn't imagine was possible.


Animal Soul Connection Circle



Every month

Unleash Your Natural Intuition

Find peace of mind and end the cycle of worrying how to help

Feel a deeper Soul Connection with your pets and all animals

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