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  • Alison Martin

What Is Your Animal Friend's Biography?

Hello Animal Soul Connection family! I’m so grateful we’re all here together to support our animal companions. I want to share this beautiful poem with you as I hope it brings some new insight about the wisdom and light our animals have inside of them.

From Johnathan Balcombe~Charles Littleleaf

‘Animals are not just living things;

they are beings with lives…

unique individuals with personality traits,

emotional profiles, and a library of

knowledge built on experience.

What you are witnessing is not just


but a biography.’

I invite you to consider, what is your animal friend’s biography? Who is this soul that you live with and adore? What can you learn from their unconditional love? Please take some time to truly get quiet and think, tap into their heart and soul. You may want to write about what came to you, or draw what you’re feeling. Here are a few suggestions to help you dig a bit deeper :)

~What is their personality, their essence?

~ How would you describe your animal companion?

~What gifts do you give to each other?

~What personality traits do you share? Do you mirror each other’s personality at times?

~How does your animal companion show you their personality?

Please share your discoveries in the Comments section below. Would you like your animal companion’s story to be featured in an upcoming newsletter? I’d love to hear from you if so!

~Blessings and love to you and all of the animals...Alison


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