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VIP Mentoring Program for Animal Communication

You do have the natural intuitive ability to

communicate with animals!

Do you wish you could feel confident and know what your pet needs and wants by understanding their thoughts? 


How would your life change if you knew you had the ability to make the best decisions for them without doubting yourself?

When we work together 1:1, soul to soul, you get a customized learning experience which supports your growth in learning to communicate with animals in their language. This helps you deepen your natural intuitive abilities so you can be more effective with your communication.


Whether you're a pet parent who wants to understand your pets on a much deeper level, or a pet professional who would like to incorporate Animal Communication into your work, I'm here to guide you to ignite your intuitive ability.

You’re being led to learn Animal Communication for a reason.


Maybe you’ve been thinking about taking this step into a new world of deeper connection with animals for a while, or it’s suddenly something you’re feeling called to explore?


When you learn to communicate with animals in their language you will:

  • Find peace of mind and end the cycle of worrying how to help your pets with emotional, behavioral or physical issues

  • Feel a deeper Soul Connection with your pets and all animals and have a new awareness of their importance in your life

  • Gain confidence and trust in your natural intuitive abilities 

  • Discover the possibilities and benefits of having a two-way conversation with your pets as you now speak the same language

Have you told yourself that learning to communicate with animals is only

for people with a special gift? 


Have you told yourself that you could never learn to quiet your busy mind

and learn Animal Communication?


I’m here to let you know we all have those concerns when first starting on this journey…and, they are not true!


Everyone has natural intuitive abilities, you simply need the desire in your heart and I promise, you can and will learn how to quiet your mind. You may even surprise yourself!


Why is learning Animal Communication in the VIP Mentor Program so transformative?


  • You’ll receive a completely customized learning experience tailored to your growth, not one size fits all

  • You’ll learn at your own pace so you develop a strong foundation to support your skills

  • Focus on your specific desire in wanting to learn Animal Communication which allows you to fully develop your abilities

  • Consistent practice when you work with my animal family giving you instant feedback from me

  • Access to me in between classes via email to help keep you moving forward so you never feel stuck

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You'll learn and experience:

  • What is telepathy and can I really do this (the answer is YES!)

  • What is grounding and why is it important

  • Discover my SOUL Connection method of Animal Communication

  • Learn how you are already communicating with your animal family

  • Explore your beliefs and attitudes about animals

  • Discover a powerful and fun brainwave exercise to calm your mind and build your connection with an animal

  • Learn how to open your senses to feel the essence of an animal

  • How to receive and translate messages from animals

  • Experience an animal’s perspective from their viewpoint

  • How to gain clarity on physical and emotional issues

  • Enjoy and have fun in practice sessions with your animals and mine where you’ll be sending and receiving messages with animals

  • Relationship Reflection with your animal family - how this changes and grows during this program

  • Connecting with Nature and the Elements - our connection with nature enhances our connection with animals and ourselves

  • Animals in Spirit - discovering the beautiful connection we can experience with beings in Spirit

  • Finding Your Animal Spirit Guide - meeting the animals who are supporting you on this journey

  • Collective Consciousness Understanding - how animals communicate as a species

  • Discovering your Purpose in Animal Communication

Learning to communicate with animals is not reserved for people with a special gift. It is for everyone who has a desire in their heart to open to a new way of being with animals.

If you would love to have a much deeper relationship with your pets and understand how to help them, from their perspective, then this opportunity to work together is for you!

"With me as your mentor, you'll benefit from my 20+ years of experience working with pets and their people, giving compassion, wisdom, and unmatched support to help you develop your intuitive skills and connect with your animals on a completely new level!" ~Alison

What students are saying

"A whole new world opened up for me! I feel confident communicating with my animals as well as wild animals that frequent my farm. Alison is such a wonderful teacher, she has a wonderful gift and she can guide and teach you how to connect. If you've ever wondered about animal communication, I highly recommend taking her program" 

"This program was truly life changing. It has brought a calm and peace to my life that I deeply needed." 

"Without Alison as a teacher, I would not have had the tools and skills to add this dimension to my life.  It has brought such joy to my life, I am forever grateful."

Having Alison as a mentor for Animal Communication has made all the difference in the world for my confidence, intuitive trust and homing in skills and gaining feedback to build my confidence and trust. This has been a dream of mine since forever and even though I poured over books and tried and tried it was just too frustrating to continue. They say when it is time a teacher will appear and out of so many synchronicities there I was making a call to Alison. Not only is she a patient teacher, a heartfelt listener and a book of knowledge she is also a like minded friend I have grown to love in the short time we have been together. I love the interaction, the exchange of thoughts and all the genuine interest she has to give. This experience has helped me believe in myself and I recommend her one on one Animal Communication Mentor Program to anyone who needs that impetus to start what's in your heart. You won't regret it. It has opened me up in all areas of my life. Thank you Alison! 

Join if you feel the calling from your heart. Alison provides undivided attention every step of the way. She makes herself available by phone or email between classes, too. Alison provided me with positive, honest feedback.  Our discussions were enlightening. She’s a gifted Animal Communicator, so you’ll be in the best of care.

Mentoring Details

Program Details:


We meet on Zoom for 6  - 90 minute classes, once per week.


Each class is recorded. Class materials (pdf form) will be included with your program.


Once I assess where you are in your animal communication journey, I will completely customize your learning experience, tailoring it to your specific needs and desires!


If you have any questions whether this is right for you, please call or email me so we can determine your goals and desires about this exclusive opportunity to learn

Animal Communication.


Program Investment: $1295.00 with payment plans available.

It would be an honor to guide you on your Animal Communication Journey!! 

For more information, please complete the form and I'll contact you, or simply call or text 308.391.1540 

Blessings ~Alison 

If you would like to schedule a free 15 minute consultation with Alison regarding the mentoring program,
Please fill out and submit this form and Alison will reach out to you.
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