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Return their unconditional love with gentle energy therapy to restore harmony and balance

Take a  mind, body, spirit approach to your pets wellbeing by adding Soul Connection Energy Therapy to their life.

By working on their energetic body, emotional, behavioral or physical issues can be eased or eliminated.


A Soul Connection Energy Therapy session can help clear and remove any energy blocks in an animal’s system, bringing them to a more complete state of wellbeing. Animals decide how much healing energy they want to accept and for how long.


After years of working with people and their pets in Animal Communication sessions, I created my signature method of guiding animals to heal themselves.


I discovered that there are often underlying causes for emotional, behavioral and sometimes even physical issues that need energetic support.


One of the ways this energy is offered is through the healing properties of crystals. Crystal Therapy is a powerful, yet gentle, form of healing using the vibrational energy of a specific crystal to return your pet to a natural state of balance.

In addition, I may incorporate various Healing Touch for Animals techniques that help to restore harmony and balance, and also work with Angel Guides and offer healing prayers.


My work is unique and based on a deep spiritual connection with your beloved animals.


Because Soul Connection Energy Therapy is energetic it’s not limited to time or space. Distance therapy offers the same benefits as an in-person session. The energy is equally effective both ways.


With love and respect for your animal companion, I offer the healing energy to them, never force it or push it on them.

This leads to a healing presence that comes from within the animal itself. If a session is given in person, physical touch is always the animal’s choice and never forced.

Support your animal companion naturally with a holistic approach to care for their physical, emotional and behavioral health through the use of gentle energetic techniques that help to restore harmony and balance.

Soul Connection Energy Therapy can be helpful for:

  • Maintaining overall health and wellbeing with regular sessions

  • Aiding in pain management for animals who are ill, injured, or have chronic pain

  • Promoting relaxation and calm for animals with emotional issues, anxiety, fear or stress

  • Support chronic health issues

  • Ease an animal's transition to a new home environment

  • Create a positive dynamic in multiple pet households

  • Bring peace and comfort to a dying pet by easing their transition into death.


The Possibilities are Unlimited!

Energy Therapy

30 Minute Session

Most pets find a greater

benefit with multiple sessions.

Save now and purchase

3 sessions for $195 

At the heart of my Energy Therapy practice is my belief in the healing power of crystals. That's why I've created my very own Crystal Guide for Pets, which is specifically designed for you to use crystals to support your animals' wellbeing. With a range of recommended crystals and easy-to-follow instructions, this 24 page guide is a must-have for anyone interested in holistic pet care.

Download today for just $4.95

After payment, return to this section and you will see a download link.  You will also receive an email confirmation with a link to the guide..

Issues?  Contact me! I'm here to help

Click here to download

Crystal therapy is an alternative approach and is not intended to cure, treat, or replace traditional veterinary medicine. Crystal therapy is complementary and should be used alongside conventional veterinary care. If your pet is experiencing health issues, consult a veterinarian promptly.

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