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Welcome to Your
Animal Soul Connection

~guiding you to give your pets their very best life~

Your pets give you their unconditional love every moment of each day. You love them with your whole heart. And, you want to know you’re doing everything you can to make them as happy as they make you.


But Where Do You Start?

Image by Bogdan Farca

The best way to fully understand what your pet needs when they are experiencing emotional, behavioral or physical issues is by having me talk with them in an Animal Communication Session. 


You’ll get peace of mind and clarity on exactly how to help them, which gives you the confidence you’ve been looking for.


How is this possible?

I Speak Their Language!

Take a  mind, body, spirit approach to your pets well being by adding energy therapy to their life.


Why is this needed?

Your pet encounters daily stress in some form. Just like us, stress takes its toll on them. This is why I developed my signature Soul Connection Crystal Therapy method of guiding animals

to heal themselves.


By working on their energetic body, any emotional, behavioral or physical issues can be eased.

Image by Lenin Estrada

Your Pet is a Unique Individual!

Integrate holistic care into your pets life and see the difference in your pet’s behavioral, emotional and physical issues. The options are seemingly endless and that’s how I can help you. 


We work together to carefully create and discover the very best options for your pets specific needs. 


From ditching toxins in your environment, to learning about the many types of natural care alternatives...Education is the key!

When we work together, you get the benefits of my 25+ years of compassionate experience, where just like you, I want to be the best pet parent I can be.

I take you by the hand and guide you to find the solutions you’ve been looking for. You’ll have peace of mind, clarity and confidence.

And then you’ll KNOW you're the ultimate pet parent!

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