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Welcome to Your Animal Soul Connection

~guiding you to give your pets their very best life~

Get my FREE How To Talk With Your Pet Guide
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Understanding your pet is easy when you speak their language!

Your pets give you their unconditional love every moment of each day. You love them with your whole heart. And, you want to know you’re doing everything you can to make them as happy as they make you.


I bring Animal Communication, Energy Therapy and Holistic Care Modalities together to create a mind, body, spirit approach

to caring for your animal companions. 

When we work together, you get the benefits of

my 25+ years of compassionate experience, where just like you, I want to be the best pet guardian I can be.

I take you by the hand and guide you to find the solutions you’ve been looking for. You’ll discover peace of mind, clarity and confidence.

And then you’ll KNOW you're creating the very best life for your beloved companions!

Alison and Andy

The best way to fully understand what your pet needs when they are experiencing emotional, behavioral or physical issues is by having me talk with them in an

Animal Communication Session. 


You’ll get peace of mind and clarity on exactly how to help them, which gives you the confidence you’ve been looking for.

brown and white tabby cat

Animal Communication

30 Minute


60 Minute


Dog and Cat Energy
Golden Retriever at the beach

Take a  mind, body, spirit approach to your pets well being by adding energy therapy to their life.


Why is this needed?

Your pet encounters daily stress in some form. Just like us, stress takes its toll on them. This is why I developed my signature Soul Connection Energy Therapy method of guiding animals

to heal themselves.


By working on their energetic body, any emotional, behavioral or physical issues can be eased.

Energy Therapy

30 Minute Session

Package of

3 sessions  $195.00 


Crystal Guide For Pets

At the heart of my Energy Therapy practice is my belief in the healing power of crystals. That's why I've created my very own Crystal Guide for Pets, which is specifically designed for you to use crystals to support your animals' wellbeing. With a range of recommended crystals and easy-to-follow instructions, this 24 page guide is a must-have for anyone interested in holistic pet care.

List of Crystals
Crystal Cover
Crystal Healing

Download today for just $4.95

After payment, return to this section and you will see a download link.  You will also receive an email confirmation with a link to the guide..

Issues?  Contact me! I'm here to help

Click here to download

Crystal therapy is an alternative approach and is not intended to cure, treat, or replace traditional veterinary medicine. Crystal therapy is complementary and should be used alongside conventional veterinary care. If your pet is experiencing health issues, consult a veterinarian promptly.

Alison Martin Pet Chaplain
Pet Chaplain
Rainbow Bridge

The Peaceful Hearts Pet Loss Program

provides a comprehensive path to healing after the loss of your pet.


Our 5-week program is tailored to meet your individual needs to help you cope with your grief and includes an animal communication session for the opportunity to connect with your pet and bring closure.


Let us support you on your journey toward better days.

If you would like to schedule a free 15 minute consultation with Alison regarding the grief program,
Please fill out and submit this form and Alison will reach out to you.

Integrate holistic care into your pets life and see the difference in your pet’s behavioral, emotional and physical issues.


The options are seemingly endless and that’s how I can help you.


We work together to carefully create and discover the very best options for your pets specific needs. 


From eliminating toxins in your environment, to learning about the many types of natural care alternatives...Education is the key!

Oliver in a Hat
Vertical Periwinkle

Are you ready to deepen your relationship with your beloved animal family and connect with other kindred spirit pet lovers?

Come join us in our

Animal Soul Connection Circle where we learn, grow, and share experiences together focusing on the wonderful world of Animal Communication and Holistic Care.

There is so much waiting here for you...return your pet's unconditional and join our community  today!

Animal Communication Mentor Program

Learning to communicate with animals is not reserved for people with a special gift. It is for everyone who has a desire in their heart to open to a new way of being with animals.


If you would love to have a much deeper relationship with your pets and understand how to help them, from their perspective, then this opportunity to work together is for you! My mentoring program is perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to communicate with animals in a deeper and more meaningful way.


When you sign up for my 1:1 mentoring, you'll receive a truly personalized learning experience that will support your growth and help you communicate more effectively. With my guidance, you can uncover your natural intuitive abilities and become a more powerful animal communicator!

"A whole new world opened up for me! I feel confident communicating with my animals as well as wild animals that frequent my farm. Alison is such a wonderful teacher, she has a wonderful gift and she can guide and teach you how to connect. If you've ever wondered about animal communication, I highly recommend taking her program" 

"This program was truly life changing. It has brought a calm and peace to my life that I deeply needed." 

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