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Alison Martin & Andy

Lou has come out of the closet. You were right, I needed to stop trying so hard. He lets me scratch his head and body and he even spins with excitement when we’re going to go for a walk. His personality has done a complete 180. He no longer growls and hides, but asks for my affection and wants to be near me. Thank you so much for your guidance and sharing your amazing gift with me. I highly suggest Alison‘s communication services. She helped me understand that our energy was out of balance and what I could do to rectify this situation

Melinda - California

There were things only I would know that Alison couldn't possibly and those things were communicated to me. It was a tearful experience but to know that my beloved dog is still with me everywhere in spirit was a beautiful thing to hear. My pain has been replaced with warmth. If you are skeptical I would honestly recommend that you try it and see for yourself. I fully recommend Alison whether your dog is living or has passed. Alison is a loving person with a heart of gold and a huge passion for animals. She also has a wealth of information about animal health. I would trust her knowledge 100%

Deborah - United Kingdom

Understanding your pet is easy
when you speak their language!

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With love, respect and honor, I connect with your animal telepathically. Telepathy is simply defined as ‘distant feeling’. We are all born with this intuitive ability but most of us lose it as we mature. My dream has been to rekindle this ability and light the flame in my heart for connecting with animals on a deeper soul level.


I’m a translator for your pet and am able to convey the images, thoughts, emotions and words they share with me. I communicate with animals living or in Spirit, domestic or wild. I connect to your pet through a gentle way of opening my heart and soul to them.


We can begin with some specific questions or concerns you have including behavior issues, health concerns, end of life transition, or general needs and desires of your animal companion. Sometimes, the animal leads us down a new path as they have something they’d like to share or even help with. I truly find that each pet and person I connect with becomes like family. I take this honor of connection to heart and am grateful to be of service to you and your animal friend!


Animal Communication lets your pet's voice be heard and understood. Improve their life and deepen your relationship with an Animal Communication Session.

Have you ever wondered what your pet is thinking and needing?

Do you worry if your animal companion is as happy as possible and wonder what you could do differently for them?

Do you have any concerns with their emotional well-being, physical or behavior issues?

Are you longing to connect with a beloved companion who has died?

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